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G-d Willing
Ofer Alfasi — Energy
“I got to Rabbi Ofer Alfasi after much long and painful suffering. I only regret one thing — that I did not hear about him sooner.” This quote was said in the past by one of those treated by Rabbi Alfasi.
In order to save many people from suffering and pain it is a good idea to know about and understand Ofer Alfasi. What methods does he use? What diseases does he treat? What is the percentage of success?

The pilgrimage to Ofer Alfasi’s clinic from greater Tiberius, and even from other cities, testifies that Ofer is a phenomenon.

Who is Ofer Alfasi?
There is energy in everyone. However, the energy with which Ofer heals and does diagnosis come from holiness. Ofer is surrounded by an energetic aura, which was located and even measured by Eli Kozak, who is an expert on auras, living in Haifa. According to Kozak, Ofer is surrounded by a high level aura, and in the 25 years of his work with auras he never encountered such a powerful one. On a scale of 1 to 10 Ofer’s aura is classified as a 9, a very impressive classification.
Ofer became aware of the energy which was within him when he inadvertently healed himself. For many years he had suffered from pains in one ear. To his surprise, when his hand touched his ear, waves of heat emanated from his hand and quieted the pain. Then he put his hands close to relatives suffering from various ailments. Most of the time the closeness of his hands helped them. Ofer, who until then was known as a Scribe (someone who copies holy writings, such as Torah scrolls, with great care and concentration) decided to combine the spiritual and the material and use the power given to him to heal people. However, he did not stand still, but decided to develop, to direct and to improve the power given to him. He participated and successfully completed a course which was based on alternative healing methods. The course he took was the methods course of “Positive Energy” of Dr. Rappaport, MD. Ofer become a pioneer and an explorer in the field of energy.

What ailments does he heal?
The first part of the body that Ofer healed was his own ear. From then on he has healed almost every part of the human body and every bodily system. He has healed both physical and mental illnesses, as well as problems which border on both areas .The list of ailments which Ofer treats indicates that he can heal a broad spectrum of illnesses, from children’s diseases to fertility problems and even the diseases of old age such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.In addition he treats: anorexia, asthma, strokes, limb problems, herpes, hernia, fainting, depression, hemorrhoids, sclerosis, ulcers, high blood pressure, coma, sinus problems, prostate ailments, weakness, epilepsy and also cancer.
This is only a partial list of the illnesses and ailments that Rabbi Alfasi has treated and is treating now. The problem of bed wetting he can cure in one session, or a maximum of three sessions. One example is that of a 16 year old girl who came to Ofer’s clinic with a long standing problem of bed wetting. After only one treatment,

which was done through the sub-conscious, the teenager stopped wetting her bed. One patient wrote to Ofer in these words: “With the help of Ofer Alfasi I am standing up.”

What are the methods of treatment?
From his first discovery of the energy that was concealed in his body Ofer proceeded to take further steps to uncover additional hidden abilities. Furthermore he intends to publish a book which he has been working on studiously for the last few months. Ofer’s spiritual energy has had physical manifestations, for example: blue perspiration on his forehead. People present in his room have felt a strange heaviness, and his receptionist was affected so much she was unable to function. In actuality, Ofer proceeds on different channels, that are defined by level and depth, and used according to the needs of the patient and the problem.

The most common method is the energy method. Ofer, without any physical touch, locates the area of pain on the body and heals that area with the aid of positive energy. Ofer declares that in cases where he is unable to heal, he freely admits to the fact. Furthermore he does not tell the patient to disobey doctors orders and stop medication. Similarly he refers to conventional medical books and enriches his knowledge with solid information.

The next stage is telepathic treatment. This method enables treatment at a distance, even over the telephone. This is a method which demands great concentration and focus. Recently a young man was treated telepathically for a knee problem. Before and after the treatment the patient had an ex-ray taken of the knee. After the treatment there was an outstanding change in the knee bone on the film, and this was after a treatment by telepathy only.

Treatment on a deeper level is treatment through the subconscious.
During the treatment Ofer is able to receive images from the patients life. “A little while a go”, Ofer said, “a man in his fifties came to me with severe male problems, the origin of which he did not know. During the treatment I stood by the patient’s head and I tried to establish a contact with his soul. For a few minutes I saw an unknown woman with short black hair beating the patient. At the end of the treatment the patient felt strong heat waves. When I talked with the patient it became clear to me that he was beaten by his wife and this situation led to his male problems.”

The spiritual communication stage, the deepest stage.
During this stage Ofer prays and asks for help from Heaven. 95% of those who were present in the room felt unusual sensations during the communication and felt other presences in the room.

Percentages of success
Most of the problems that Ofer locates and treats have a more than 90% cure rate. Testifying to the above is the flood of letters of appreciation and thanks.

One of the treated wrote the following: “I suffered for four years from pains in the stomach area. I visited many doctors, even while I was in the army, and not one of them knew what treatment I needed. I came to Ofer Alfasi, and after three treatments the pain disappeared and so did the bloody discharges.”

Ofer, who sees his work most importantly as a mission, has helped many needy and poor people. His clinic continues to be a focal point for many patients. Ofer works not far from the grave of the historical doctor Maimonides, and he succeeds, in the spirit of the Torah, to heal as did his famous predecessor.

A Moshavnik from the North of Israel: “I was brought in to Ofer Alfasi on a stretcher and today I am on my feet.” David suffered for a long period from terrible back pains that were caused by a slipped disk. Furthermore, he had strong pains in his hip joint. These factors caused him to be bed ridden. When David consulted with his doctors they came to the conclusion that his dire situation required an operation. He was twice hospitalized in order to be operated on and twice he ran away from the surgeon’s knife. “I took to my legs and actually escaped by crawling out of the hospitals. By chance I saw an announcement in Index Ha Galil on Ofer Alfasi and I decided to give it a try,” David told us. David got to Ofer Alfasi’s in a very bad state, but after a few energy treatments he felt a significant change. The change was felt not only by David, but also his doctors feel that there has been a significant change in his condition and they no longer talk of an operation. Furthermore, half a year ago David had an x-ray done of his hip joint, which showed the bad condition of the pelvis. Half a year later, after receiving treatment from Ofer Alfasi, he had another x-ray done which showed a significant change in the bone. At this time David is on his feet and he sums up the experience this way: “I came into Ofer bent over and now I am standing straight.”

Back from the edge to regular functioning:
Limor, a youhg woman who lives in one of the Jordan Valley Kibbutzim, took an oath: “When I have a baby boy Ofer will be the G-d Father.” Limor feels that she owes her life to Ofer. A year ago Limor had a nervous breakdown which she says springs from many traumas that she experienced in her life. Limor explains it this way: “I couldn’t stand up, I felt that I couldn’t breathe. I was mainly afraid of people. I had uncontrollable crying fits. I couldn’t stand the fact that there were people around me. I tried all the time only to sleep, to escape from everything, but I awoke from tremendous nightmares.” Limor took the conventional steps and received psychological treatment. She said that the treatment helped to a certain extent but in spite of the treatment she was not able to function, and some of the frightening symptoms continued to plague her. The climax was reached when she came to the decision that she had nothing to live for and that she wanted to die–or to commit suicide. A good friend told her about Ofer and she decided to give him a try. According to her words she got her life back. When Limor talks of Ofer she does so with great emotion, and with open admiration. Ofer simply gave her back the will to live. “He gave me several energy treatments, and during the treatments I felt waves of heat going through me. After each treatment I felt that Ofer transferred some of his powers to me. At this point I am functioning normally, I meet people and see life differently. Ofer even found me a job.” Limor accepted a bit of advice from a friend which changed her life radically.

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