Rabbi Ofer Elfassy

Energy Treatment

Rabbi Ofer Elfassy is able to diagnose and treat illness, channeling energy through his hands, without any physical contact. There are references to this method in the book Therapists and Ways of Healing. The book describes the well-known scientist and doctor Andrea Poretz, who researched types of treatment, and particularly, treatment by energy. Also mentioned in this book are the innovative findings of Dr. B. Gerad of McGill University.

The ”laying on of hands” is one of the oldest healing techniques known to mankind. Every patient sitting in their doctor’s office feels the difference between a visit where the doctor sits behind his desk and one where the physician actually examines and ”touches” the patient. This therapeutic act had been routinely ignored in conventional medicine, but is again beginning to be widely acknowledged now, starting with the amazing effects on premature babies when they are simply held instead of left in their incubators.

Patients receiving a treatment from Rabbi Elfassy often perceive noticeable physical and spiritual impressions.

Telepathic Treatment

Rabbi Ofer Elfassy uses his ability to strongly focus and concentrate his own physical and spiritual energy to influence the physical body. Telepathic treatment can be given in addition to the standard therapy, as an aid to the patient, or when the patient is unable to get to the therapist (an up-to-date photo is needed).


Treatment through the sub-conscious

Rabbi Elfassy uses his abilities to focus and concentrate his own thoughts to receive a visualization of events from the patient’s past, and to influence the patient’s sub-conscious mind, in order to minimize the damage these events caused. This treatment is effective for stuttering or trauma caused by war or accident, etc. (This treatment is not suitable for every patient).

Regression Therapy

Regressing the patient back into his past enables him to heal mental and emotional scars from past experiences (from childhood or previous incarnations.) It is possible that some patients, though not all, will ”see”, during regression, certain past happenings, or will re-experience the past.

There is, however, a definite and important influence on all patients from their past. This therapy is for patients with difficult ”residues” from their past, which they may or may not be aware of, and cannot overcome with other methods.

Treatment by prayer

The treatment is with the aid and guidance of Malachim (angels) and Tzadikim (righteous souls.)

Hundreds and even thousands of successful cases have proven, without any doubt, that the prayers of Rabbi Ofer Elfassy have been heard in Heaven, and have brought healing to patients here on Earth, especially from serious and difficult diseases.

This spiritual ability, developed in Rabbi Elfassy during the course of years of providing treatment, has been an aid to his patients and to him as a therapist. (We know of no other therapist in the world who can make this claim.) For prayer therapy, Rabbi Elfassy must have the full names of the patient and the patient’s mother.

Permanent consultation meeting now!

Can I have your treatments during sleep, or can receive treatment in real time with the / The rest / e, by ringing the number: 04-671-7167 or on WhatsApp: 052-4313399

Remote treatment Price: 120 $ per treatment to non-residents of the country. Please note a number of treatments sought.

advance payment for five treatments and more – the sixth is free.

Counseling call Price: 100 $ for each type of counseling

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