Treatments Chart

Note: The number of recommended treatments is dependent on a number of factors, among which are heredity, age, physical state, and the medication that the patient is taking,if any. The recommendations on the site are general, and are based on experience gained through the years of work. Each patient, however, will receive an individualized treatment.

Do not discontinue medications prescribed to you by your doctor. Do not make any changes in your medication without first consulting your doctor.

The treatments are carried out only when you are sitting or lying down at complete rest, or during sleep. On the Order Form please list your country (and time zone if relevant) and the times when you are resting or sleeping. Please list both your primary problem and any secondary problems.

List of ailments

Number of treatments

Attention and concentration disorders (ADHD etc.) about 5 treatments
Alcohol and drug abuse about 6 treatments
Allergies from 3 to 6 treatments
Anorexia / Bulimia Nervosa about 6 treatments
Asthma and breathing problems 6 or more
Arterial sclerosis depending on the problem
Atopic dermatitis about 3 or 4 usually
Back pains, inflamation, slipped disk one or more
Bed wetting (children and adults) about 5
Blisters, corns, etc. 1 or more
Blood problems - Dysentery (recommended) from 3 to 6 treatments
Circulation Problems - Varicose viens recommended up to 10
Cysts about 6
Dizziness (from ear, neck or emotional problems) depending on the problem
Emotional problems in children and adults 3 to 5 generally
Endometriosis 6 treatments
Epilepsy 3 or more
Fertility problems (affecting men or women) about 6
Female problems (diet and hormonal disturbances, uterine problems) at least 3
Fever 2 or 3
General Balancing 3 or more
Growths (benign and malignant) depending on the problem, possibly long term treatment
Hemorrhoids 3 or 4 treatments
Hernia about 6
High blood pressure about 6
Hormone imbalance one or more
Hyperactivity, lack of emotional balance, aggression about 6
Inflammations of all types (highly recommended) approximately 6, depending on the problem
Intestines - Sensitive - Constipation about 3 or 4
Jaw problems (clicking) about 6
Joint Pain about 6
Knee problems depending on the problem at least 3
Learning difficulties about 6
Male Problems 1 or more treatments depending on the problem
Mental problems (non- hereditary) improvement to complete cure depending on the problem, continuous treatment
Menopausal problems about 6
Migraine headaches 3 or 4
Muscular Dystrophy improvement and relief only
Neck and throat problems, hoarseness, vocal chords depending on the severity of the problem
Pain (general) 1 or more treatments depending on the problem
Parkinson's disease (relief from body tremors) depending on the severity of the problem
Persistent fever about 3
Plantar fasciitis depending on the severity of the problem
Psoriasis 10 or more treatments
Prostrate problems about 6
Regression Therapy 1 to 3
Rheumatic fever 10 treatments
Scoliosis improvement and relief only, continuous treatment
Sensory problems in children and adults 3 to 4
Sinus Problems about 6
Skin problems and afflictions 3 or more depending on the problem
Sprains and dislocations about 3
Stress, anxiety, fears and depression 1 or more treatments depending on the seriousness of the problem
Stroke (up until one year from the stroke) at least 6
Thyroid problems (hyper and hypo) about 6
Throat Inflammation with fever 3 treatments
Ulcers about 6
Ulcerative colitis depending on the seriousness of the problem
Uterus and ovaries - groin area about 6
Ulcerative colitis depending on the seriousness of the problem
Pregnancy about 3 - Not in Period
Eyes. Problem with the tear ducts about 5

Rabbi Elfassy also treats pets and farm animals when necessary.

If you have an additional medical problem for which you would like the Rabbi's advice, please write your questions and mail them to:

E-mail to: [email protected] or [email protected]

It is difficult to know how many treatments each individual will need.
Try to estimate how many treatments you might need after reading the
above chart. If you find that you need more treatments than you previously estimated, sign for and confirm additional treatments in order not to break the continuity.

The frequency of the treatments will be determined by the type of problem and its urgency.

It is recommended that you rest for a whole day after receiving a treatment -- no strenuous activity.

I would be most interested in receiving you comments or reactions to the treatment.

The cost of each treatment is $70 US. Therefore three treatments, for example, Would be 3 X $70 = $210

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Remote treatment Price: 100 $ per treatment to residents of the country. Please note a number of treatments sought.

Counseling call Price: 60$ for each type of counseling