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Welcome to Rabbi Ofer Elfassy's website, the site for remote healing, energy healing and kabbalistic healing!

Are you looking for a unique alternative healer, a remote healer who is an experienced distance healer? You've come to the right place!

Rabbi Elfassy is a remote healer with more than twenty years of experience in remote healing and energy healing and is a unique kabbalistic healer.

Rabbi Elfassy has many years of experience as a remote healer, and also as an energy healer with kabbalistic healing methods in his clinic in Tiberias, Israel. He has helped innumerable people from all over the world with difficult physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and family problems.

Rabbi Elfassy, who has been called "a human CT scan", can diagnose remotely and pinpoint the source of your medical, emotional, spiritual and family problems from a distance, and return you to good health while you sit comfortably in your own home.

All Rabbi Elfassy the healer needs to remotely diagnose and treat you is your name and your mother’s first name, and sometimes a recent photograph.

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WhatsApp: 052-4313399

Tiberias Address:

Gilboa 3, Tiberias

Bnei Brak Address:

BSR 4 Bnei Brak

Can be treated remotely, which is effective for most problems, or you can get in Tiberias clinic or a clinic in Ramat Gan. Rabbi use in treating energy, telepathic treatment, treatment through the subconscious, regression therapy and treatment by prayer.

Laying hands treatment

Telepathic treatment

Subconsciously Treatment

Regression therapy

Prayer treatment

Permanent consultation meeting now!

Can I have your treatments during sleep, or can receive treatment in real time with the / The rest / e, by ringing the number: 04-671-7167 or on WhatsApp: 052-4313399

Remote treatment Price: 100 $ per treatment to residents of the country. Please note a number of treatments sought.

Counseling call Price: 60$ for each type of counseling