Rabbi Ofer Elfassy

My name is Ila Cohen and about 4 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer I underwent one chemotherapy treatment and one biological treatment and then I heard about the Honorable Rabbi I immediately called him and the next day I was already with him for treatment I signed before the doctors that I was stopping the treatment plan I was supposed to receive for a year and a half
I was treated by the Reverend Rabbi with only 8 treatments, and after about 8 treatments, the Reverend Rabbi asked me to make an appointment for an ultrasound examination. I made an appointment with the same doctor who found the lump for me, and a visible miracle happened to me. I have no lump, no cancer, nothing. The breast is clean. Reverend Rabbi Ofer saved me from death. He fought for My life is a living testimony that he is God’s messenger and that he works miracles and wonders in the care that he bestows blessings from above on your work and your deeds
I would be happy to talk to anyone who contacts me
My mobile is 0523935202

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