Rabbi Ofer Elfassy

To the dear and blessed Ofer Alfasi

They say there are no miracles, — but if you were to come to Ofer Alfasi, you would understand how great and powerful is his ability and his faith.

I got to Ofer after the dedicated treatment that he gave to my mother, may she be well.

I was in despair from the doctors’ evaluations, which simply handed down a judgment upon me, that they had to remove my uterus because of frequent bleeding.

From the first visit, Ofer gave me hope that with the help of G-d everything would be all right. And after four treatments I am a new woman, my life has changed and I have new strength. And I want to stand up and shout– that G-d will bless you and your household, Ofer.

May G-d bless you and enable you to help people in need of your dedicated and loving treatment. I had the pleasure of being one of your patients.

Go from Strength to strength

Aviva Siglovitz
Kvar Baruch

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