Rabbi Ofer Elfassy

August 14, 1998

by Shlomo Hadad

Ofer Alfasi from Tiberius, has broken new records recently in his treatment of patients by spiritual energy, that he received from Heaven.

This week Ofer Alfasi succeeded in healing Samia A’vra, 45 years old, who came to him because of pains in her legs. After a few treatments, the leg pains disappeared and the woman asked Alfasi to try to treat the palm of her land that had been closed since she was two years old as a result of a burn.

The woman was treated again and miraculously her hand opened. This event made her very excited and she cried from joy.

Alfasi discovered his spiritual ability only three years ago and since then has succeeded, with the help of G-d, to cure and help many sick people.

“The treatment is without physical touch. I can determine where the suffering is coming from and sometimes even treat over the telephone. I can see events, I can help find lost persons, also from photographs.” Alfasi, a resident of Tiberius, can survey someone’s body and discover the source of the pain. ”A few weeks ago her daughter called me and said that she was suffering from pains in her ear. I asked her to check her temperature and I told her to put ;the telephone to her ear. I did a telepathic treatment and the pain simply vanished,” said Alfasi.

There are a few spiritual energy healers known in the country, where, as it seems, that Tiberius has merited one of the best of them.

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