Rabbi Ofer Elfassy

Why is the perspiration, coming
form the body of the energy
healer, Ofer Alfasi, blue?


A Mystery: Why is Ofer Afasi’s perspiration blue?

In the last month, Ofer Alfasi, the therapist of “Positive Energy” from Tiberius, found that his white shirts were absorbing perspiration in shades of blue-azure. He was examined in one of the National Health Clinics in order to find an explanation of this unusual phenomenon, but the test did not find anything unusual. Ofer, who has, according to his words, supernatural powers and who has treated hundreds from all around the country, and cured most of them, has starred frequently on television; and radio programs dealing with the supernatural, says that he “cannot explain the blue perspiration.” This phenomenon started close to his last birthday, a month ago. He hadn’t changed anything in his eating, or physical ;habits or his way of life. “I have no explanation for this phenomenon, therefore I asked the doctors and experts to check what is happening here,” said Alfasi. In the next few days it is likely that the results of the tests, on the shirt that was sent for exact tests in an institute in the center of the country, will arrive, and then perhaps it will become clear what exactly is this “blue perspiration.”

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