Rabbi Ofer Elfassy

by Danny Hed

Leah (her full name is known to the newspaper) had an attack of a dangerous allergic reaction that caused her body to swell up, caused itching on her skin, and swelled up her wind pipe–which caused her severe breathing problems. All this happened on Friday a week ago. Leah turned to a doctor, in her neighborhood in Jerusalem, and received various medicines and pills to relieve the breathing problems and the itching. The medication helped a little on Shabbat (Saturday) in the morning and by the end of Shabbat the allergic reactions came back even stronger than before. In her suffering, late at night when no medication was helping her, and Leah feared to go to sleep because she was afraid of choking, she called the healer from Tiberius, Ofer Alfasi, and told him about her problems and the treatment that she had received for them. Ofer Alfasi asked Leah to lie down for 10 minutes in a room by herself, and he would pray for her that she should get well. He also asked that she not go to sleep but that she should get back to him by phone in about an hour. He spoke to her for 10 minutes and after the telephone conversation she felt a great relief until Sunday morning. In the morning she again felt the sensation of choking and itching on her skin. The next day she turned again to Ofer Alfasi. In the evening she received another treatment which removed all the allergic symptoms and which completely healed her. In her words we are speaking of “a miracle.”

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